Welcome to the ‘Ignite Chilli Festival’. The following document outlines some useful information for you, the exhibitor.


The Team

The organising body for the Ignite Chilli Festival is the Caloundra Business Alliance Inc, located in Bulcock Street, Caloundra, Queensland, 4551.

Red Hot Chilli Pepper (Retailer/Business Owner)                Vicki Taylor             Tel: 07 5491-8870

Essential Information

Festival Location: Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Festival Date:                         02 May 2020

Festival Trading Times:         9am – 3pm

Bump in & Out Times:           Bump In          6am – 8am  

                                                Festival           9am – 3pm

                                                Bump Out      3pm – 5pm




 Exhibitor Stall Fees

General Stall

  • 3m x 3m - $130

  • 6m x 3m - $170

  • Other sizes are available upon request

Hot Food Stalls/Trucks

  • 3m x 3m - $180

  • 6m x 3m - $230

  • Other sizes are available upon request


  • To be included in Hot 91.1 Ignite Chilli Festival you are required to have a minimum of one chilli related product on offer. This can in any category i.e. jewellery, food, clothing, home wares, memorabilia... ANYTHING as long as it is chilli related!

  • We will give booking preference to stallholders who promote and sell Chilli related products.

  • You may only sell products that have been requested and approved on your application form

  • The festival is being hosted within a retail precinct many of whom will be getting into the spirit of celebrating the mighty chilli and will be very much a part of the festival.

  • This festival is a community event and we anticipate a huge demand for applications and duplication's will be carefully curated. We will try and accommodate as many requests as possible.

  • It is your responsibility as the exhibitor to ensure you conform to all safety and compliance standards pertaining to your product.


All Exhibitors are required to obtain their own Public Liability Insurance as a condition of inclusion within the ‘Ignite Chilli Festival’.


The Caloundra Business Alliance reserve the right to request that an exhibitor undertake any reasonable measure, which in the opinion of Management will improve the safety of the stall, or to raise the level of presentation of the stall and its products.

Marquee Weights Compliance

  • We are a coastal location and do experience wind gusts from time to time. Exhibitors must bring a minimum of three weights for their marque

  • Festival umbrellas are required to have a weighted base with the umbrella stand to be securely fixed to the base


  • Access to power is by request and approval via your application form. You will no be granted power if it is not included in your application.

  • All electrical appliances and cords must be tested and tagged by a qualified electrical contractor in accordance with Queensland Electrical Safety Regulations 2002 and subsequent amendments

  • Power outlets are designed for a maximum 15-amp load, or a total of 3600 watts

  • Exhibitors with low power needs e.g. lights, transformers, battery chargers etc. may connect to the power outlet directly using an appropriately tagged power lead

  • Exhibitors with higher power needs e.g. cooking/refrigeration appliances should connect using a suitable ‘earth leakage protection device’

  • Please do not overload the outlets you are using. If you think this may occur please notify festival admin to seek an alternative solution

  • Please seek advice from a qualified electrical contractor in regard to the amperage draw of your equipment

  • Double adapters are not permitted for commercial usage under any circumstance

  • Non-compliance may invalidate your insurance and cause risk or serious harm to the public, your employees or yourself

  • It is essential that extension leads do not present a trip-hazard to the public. Excess cords must be coiled safely within the stall and not accessible to the public

  • Exposed cords running between stalls must be either covered with mats or taped with waterproof tape. Please contact the festival admin for assistance.


Generators are not permitted due to the urban precinct that the festival is located within. We must consider possible noise and exhaust issues for everyone in the street and the local residential buildings.


  • All food stalls/exhibitors producing or preparing fresh food must be licensed. Please contact the Sunshine Coast Council if you require more information about obtaining a Food License

  • Food stall/exhibitors’ applications will not be assessed without provision of a current Food License

  • If you are selling commercially produced food products, i.e. chilli sauces, chutneys etc. you do not require a food license. However, if you offer tastings then please ensure you have a current food license

  • All Food Licenses must be displayed during trading hours

Waste and Rubbish

  • Exhibitors are required to remove their own rubbish and waste from their immediate stall location

  • The waste bins provided at the festival are for public use only

  • Exhibitors are responsible for leaving their site and surrounding area clean, tidy and undamaged

Adverse Weather

  • The ‘Ignite Chilli Festival’ will operate in varying weather conditions and exhibitors must be prepared for adverse weather, ensuring appropriate measures are carried out e.g. weights on marquees

  • The Caloundra Chamber of Commerce will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever resulting from adverse weather conditions or cancellation of this event for any reason.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations after 1 November 2017 will be non-refundable. If you have any concerns in this regard please email info@ignitechillifestival.com.au



Running late on festival day

Please contact Nicci Gradidge (0488 222 805) to advise if you are running late on festival day.


The ‘Ignite Chilli Festival’ is a non-smoking precinct which includes set-up and pack down times. If you need a smoke break please exit the festival precinct.


The ’Ignite Chilli Festival’ is a ‘dog friendly’ festival, however exhibitors are not permitted to bring pets with them.

Social Media Policy

Exhibitors are asked to present positive messages about the ‘Ignite Chilli Festival’ and their experiences with the festival on social media platforms. Please promote and advance the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/caloundrachillifestival) and tag us if you are promoting via your page. Let’s share and spread the love of chilli.

Promoting a culture of courtesy and respect

  • The ‘Ignite Chilli Festival’ is a safe place for all exhibitors, visitors, staff, contractors and retailers to work, to trade and to visit.

  • We seek to maintain a harmonious, friendly and fun environment for all and therefore any colourful, spicy language (swearing) at festival staff, security, retailers, visitors or other exhibitors is not acceptable behaviour.

  • This also applies for any physical abuse

  • We ask exhibitors to consider their neighbours, festival staff and retailers, and to treat others with respect, and without conflict

  • If you are found in breach of any of the above conditions your participation at the ’Ignite Chilli Festival’ will be terminated immediately and you will lose an opportunity to be considered for any future events